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Death Before Dishonor Skull With Wings,Swords Biker Patch

death before dishonor skull biker patch

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Hey everyone how are you doing this fine Monday? I am doing very well trying to hurry up and close out the day. But before I do, I have a really cool looking and interesting patch to display for you today. This one is very different and really grabs anyone’s attention.

Are you a strong believer in life ? Do you like to show people how you like to help out and make a difference? Well then you will love having this skull patch in your collection! This patch features a skull with interesting wings almost like the look of wings an angel may have. It also has three swords coming out of the top of the skull with the words “Death Before Dishonor” underneath it. Definitely will add a lot of characteristics and personality to anything you may want to put this patch on in your biker wardrobe!

This unique biker patch comes in two different sizes as you know. The largest size measures 12 inches wide by 12 inches high and would look absolutely stunning on the back of any biker jacket or vest you want to stand out with this design. The smaller patch which is actually a medium size we have measures 5 inches wide by 5 inches high. This patch would look great on any miscellaneous item you can think of. I think it would look nice on the front of any denim shirt, hat, biker bag, or anything else you feel comfortable sporting this cool skull patch around on!

Just like all our other patches on Patriotic Military Patches, this patch is top notch high quality with a heavy twill backing and won’t be damaged through the worst of conditions that they may withstand! These patches will absolutely last you a lifetime! All of our patches are easily applied by ironing or sewing them on just depends on your preference and what you like. If you are interested in what I have showcased for you today, I think that you should definitely go ahead and check what else we have to offer on our site. You will be more than satisfied that you did and be very pleased. Click on the link and enjoy shopping!

death before dishonor biker patch

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