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Patriotic American Flag Skull Embroidered Biker Patch

patriotic american flag skull Click here to check out the latest Patriotic American Flag skull today!! 

Good Friday Morning everyone! How is everyone doing today? Hopefully well, I am just here getting ready for the upcoming weekend and I bet that you are as well. Just checking around the office on some of the new stuff and keeping everyone up to date on everything. So anyways, I do have this really cool patch to showcase here for you today and this one is very unique! When is the last time you have seen a really awesome looking patriotic biker patch?

This patch that I have displayed above is one of the newest ones that we offer from our patriotic collection. It features this bad-ass skull with red, white and blue and the stars of the American Flag  running across his face. I personally think that it gives off a cool biker style while supporting American Pride no matter where you go. Also, with Veterans Day coming up this weekend how could you go wrong with adding this one to your collection?

This authentic Patriotic skull is offered in two different sizes. The smaller patch we have measures 2.75 inches wide by 4.25 inches high. Which looks its best on the front pocket of any shirt, bag, purse, tote, backpack or any other miscellaneous item that you may have. The other patch we offer is the large size, and this patch measures about 7.25 inches wide by 10.75 inches high. This size patch looks absolutely stunning on the back of any biker jacket, denim shirt or vest you may have, it will practically take up about most of the space on any of these garments! Talk about eye-catchy!!

Each of these size patches have lots of bold colors and contains a ton of detail. Both of these patches can either be sewn on or iron on, it is totally up to you and your preference!!! So whichever way you want to put this design on is definitely your decision to make!!!

Our patches here Patriotic Military Patches are high quality and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. These patches are very durable and have a heavy twill backing that are long lasting.  Our patches are known to never get damaged or destroyed, no matter what types of conditions they may go through. Any of these patches really make anything in your biker wardrobe stand out and come to life with all those details and the attitude. This Patriotic skull really speaks high volumes with American Pride, so God Bless America!

We have tons more in our Patriotic patch collection here at Patriotic Military Patches. These are some patches that are limited so you really want to go ahead and check them out!!! They won’t seen anywhere else!!! You will be happy you did and be more than satisfied you invested your time into our inventory!!!

patriotic american flag skull

Click here to see the newest patriotic American Skull patch now!!