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Patriotic Invisible Souls Sniper Skull Military Patch

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Hey Everyone I just wanted to stop in and display another unique biker patch for you to check out. This one is a cool military sniper patch for all the veterans that have served our beautiful country. So are you into skulls? Or military stuff? Or are you a veteran who has been in any of the US branches of the military and like to shoot? Then this patch might be right for you!

This patch is full of details and bold colors. The skull has a faint camouflage helmet and is holding two guns and a stern look on his face. The design also consist of the word Sniper at the top and underneath it reads Invisible Souls Leave .308 Holes in red and black. Also you will see another wavy style banner at the bottom with the words “One Shot One Kill,” featured with some detailed dog tags for our beloved fallen.

So if you are interested in all things military or have served this wonderful country you will enjoy wearing this patch around. This patch comes in two sizes. The larger style patch size measures 10 inches wide by 12.5 inches high. I think it would look its best on the back of any biker jacket or biker vest that you may have. Our medium style patch measures 4.75 inches wide by 6 inches high and may look great on any miscellaneous items you think of from a biker bags, tote, suitcase, hat or the front pocket of any biker shirt of denim shirt.

All the patches at Patriotic Military Patches are high quality and will last you a long time. These authentic patches are designed on a heavy, durable twill backing that is very hard to damage! No matter what the circumstances are and the worst of conditions these patches may go through! Any of our patches can either be ironed on or sewed on it is absolutely up to you and what you prefer. So again if you like what you see and this kind of patch the I think that you should definitely check it out, you can’t go wrong!

Invisible Souls Sniper Biker Patch

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