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Patriotic Liberty And Union Now And Forever Eagle Patch


patriotic liberty and union eagle patch

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Good Afternoon everyone, happy Wednesday to all of you joining me here this midday and midweek. Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely day and perhaps gearing up for the weekend, I am posting this post before I leave tomorrow on my vacation, so I would love to keep you all informed at the latest here at Patriotic Military Patches! I am definitely getting anxious for this trip, it is at a great time to have a change of pace and before the holiday season rush so can not wait to get a break and have a nice getaway. But first, I do have a great patch that I would like to display for you all today.

Are you someone who honors having patriotic patches? Or do you love supporting our country and what American is all about? Or are you just a big fan of the American eagle? If that is the case then this patch could be right up your alley! The design of this patch really brings together the patriotism and unity this country stands for, to own a patch like this is really an honor and truly what makes us all proud to be Americans. 

The American Bald eagle in this particular patch shows of its attitude for liberty and unity and this eagle’s stare is bold and fierce. This patch features the American eagle in the center of the patch with the American flag in the background and also displays two sets of arrows on each side of the eagle. You will see a banner at the top of the patch that says, “Now and Forever” with the words “Liberty and Union” above it. At the bottom of the patch it also showcases another banner which reads “One and Inseparable!” This is a very bold and strong design that pushes for our country’s right of freedom and unity in which all Americans should love to be apart of.

The Patriotic Liberty and Union patch consists of two different sizes. The small patch measures 4.75 inches wide by 5.25 inches high. The large size patch measures 11 inches wide by 12.5 inches high. I think that each of the different size patches holds a lot of intricate details and shows through really well. Both of the patches can either be ironed on or sewed on it is definitely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. 

The small patch would look stunning on the front left chest of any biker shirt, or you can put it on any other miscellaneous items from bags, totes, suitcases, hats or anything else you could possibly think of! The larger patch would look absolutely amazing on the back of any biker jacket, denim shirt or vest you might have in your biker wardrobe and will definitely turn heads with the amount of space it takes up. So don’t be shy and go ahead and show off how proud you are to be an American and sport around your patriotic side!

All of our patches that we have here at Patriotic Military Patches are high quality and been know to last. Our patches have a heavy twill backing that is very durable and can hold out of any damaging conditions you may come across. These are the type of  patches that really make anything boring come to life and make you feel bad ass and edgy. This patch that I have displayed for you is absolutely a great piece in which we stand for and you can not go wrong by adding this to your collection!

Our inventory here at Patriotic Military Patches, contains a lot more different types of styles of any military patch you may want. So get yours before it is too late! If you are interested go ahead and check out our patches and shop around. Click on the link below and get yours today!!! You will be glad that you did!!! Happy Shopping!

liberty and union american eagle patch

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