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Patriotic Subdued Grey American Western Sheriff Patch

patriotic american western sheriff

Click here to see the latest Patriotic western sheriff patch today!! 

Hey everyone, how is everyone doing? Hope that everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving Day feast and enjoyed it with family and friends, I know that we did! We also had  good turn out for Black Friday over the 4-day weekend stretch. With that said we are happy to be kicking off the holidays on a good note and get things in full swing here.

T’is the season to be finding all those deals and plenty ideas for that special military or patriotic person in your life, you have come to the right place! Today is also cyber Monday and still so much more going on here at Patriotic Military Patches that I do want to showcase a newer patch here for the holidays!

There are so many different patches here to make anyone’s holiday gift special. But this patch is definitely genuine and it is not everyday that you will get to see you as bold and fierce as this Patriotic western sheriff. This western sheriff definitely resembles the western swag, as you can see this Patriotic Western Sheriff  doesn’t seem to tolerate too much!!! This design is one of a kind for sure and has lots of characteristics that meets the eye! 

This Patriotic Western Sheriff  patch is jam packed with tons of details from the subdued color of this sheriff’s hat with star on it to his bandanna that has the American flag stars and the  colors red, white and blue that he is wearing to cover the rest of his face. Definitely leaves mystery to what may be behind his bandanna, the subdued color on his body also gives the design a lot of depth to it as it seems to give off a 3-D effect. 

The Patriotic western patch is offered in two different sizes. The large size patch is about 9 inches wide by 12.5 inches high, and I preferably think it looks its best on the back of any biker jacket, denim shirt or vest you may have. On the other hand, the small patch measures  only around 3.5 inches wide by 5 inches high, which looks stunning on the front of a denim shirt, jacket or any miscellaneous item you may have like a biker bag, suitcase, hat or anything else you can think of.

Our patches here Patriotic Military Patches are top notch quality and are guaranteed to last. Our patches are durable with a very heavy twill backing that are known to withstand the worse of conditions. So if you are interested in this authentic Patriotic Western patch go ahead and check it out today you will be glad that you did! You can’t go wrong!!! Also if you need any other gift ideas this holiday season besides all of the large patches check out all of our small patches, they make really good stocking stuffers!! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping to all!!

american patriotic western sheriff biker patch

Click here to see the newest Patriotic western sheriff patch now!!