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Subdued American Flag Grey Skull With Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Patch

subdued grey american flag skull with thin blue line patch

Click here to see the latest Police Law Enforcement Thin Blue Line patch today!! 

Good afternoon everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful Saturday morning so far. I am doing well just hanging out at the office for a little while. Looking at all of the new and exciting products coming in for the holidays. So many new items and patches here at Patriotic Military Patches, I wanna go ahead and showcase a cool looking unique patch this afternoon. This patch is a pretty authentic and bad-ass looking patch.

Do you like skulls? Or do you like patriotic patches? Or simply want a patch to support your local law enforcement and police department? Well this patch may be the right one for you! This awesome looking subdued grey American Flag skull patch with that thin blue line going down the side of his face has a bad-ass attitude and is not afraid to show it. He has a lot of intricate details and vibrant colors. Just don’t mess with this guy and just show your support for the police in your own way by sporting this patch through town. Continue reading Subdued American Flag Grey Skull With Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Patch

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Patriotic Subdued Grey American Western Sheriff Patch

patriotic american western sheriff

Click here to see the latest Patriotic western sheriff patch today!! 

Hey everyone, how is everyone doing? Hope that everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving Day feast and enjoyed it with family and friends, I know that we did! We also had  good turn out for Black Friday over the 4-day weekend stretch. With that said we are happy to be kicking off the holidays on a good note and get things in full swing here.

T’is the season to be finding all those deals and plenty ideas for that special military or patriotic person in your life, you have come to the right place! Today is also cyber Monday and still so much more going on here at Patriotic Military Patches that I do want to showcase a newer patch here for the holidays!

There are so many different patches here to make anyone’s holiday gift special. But this patch is definitely genuine and it is not everyday that you will get to see you as bold and fierce as this Patriotic western sheriff. This western sheriff definitely resembles the western swag, as you can see this Patriotic Western Sheriff  doesn’t seem to tolerate too much!!! This design is one of a kind for sure and has lots of characteristics that meets the eye!  Continue reading Patriotic Subdued Grey American Western Sheriff Patch

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Patriotic American Flag Skull Embroidered Biker Patch

patriotic american flag skull Click here to check out the latest Patriotic American Flag skull today!! 

Good Friday Morning everyone! How is everyone doing today? Hopefully well, I am just here getting ready for the upcoming weekend and I bet that you are as well. Just checking around the office on some of the new stuff and keeping everyone up to date on everything. So anyways, I do have this really cool patch to showcase here for you today and this one is very unique! When is the last time you have seen a really awesome looking patriotic biker patch?

This patch that I have displayed above is one of the newest ones that we offer from our patriotic collection. It features this bad-ass skull with red, white and blue and the stars of the American Flag  running across his face. I personally think that it gives off a cool biker style while supporting American Pride no matter where you go. Also, with Veterans Day coming up this weekend how could you go wrong with adding this one to your collection? Continue reading Patriotic American Flag Skull Embroidered Biker Patch